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Topics: Wireless sensor networks to collect environmental data, Interactive web dashboards and databases to display data, Drone technology, sensor integration, and image analysis

Closed loop control

PID Control Theory

Inverted Pendulum with PID

Optimal control of inverted pendulum system using PID controller, LQR and MPC
Stabilising an Inverted Pendulum Controller with PID controller

Control the Ryze Tello Drone from Python

useful resources



Quadcopter construction guide:






Jetson TX2:

ZED ROS wrapper:

Understanding 3-axis flight movement:



Companion computers:

IntelRealSense camera:

(Notes from env monitoring research projects 02.11.22) Drones need a flight controller (FMC), there are two software options for a flight controller: ardupilot (Copter is an advanced open-source autopilot system for multicopters, helicopters, and other rotor vehicles) and px4. The receiver should match the transceiver, also you need a gps module, a ground control station like QGroundControl (multiple platforms, used by px4), or missionplanner (only for windows, used by ardupilot), like the receiver/transceiver approach. The software autopilot should be compatible with the hardware, there is a standard called Pixhawk that does that. If it is compatible with pixhawk, we can use ardupilot. Another option for autopilot is px4. We can interface the drone by sending MAVlink commands to the drone. Dronekit is a interface. All the complex tasks must be done from source or with a different framework. ROS (robot operating system) is a bunch of frameworks which is modular. GPS, laser finders can be directly connected to the flight controller. In ROS, Sensor is a publisher who publishes data to the subscribers. MavROS is a direct connection interface which pushes all the info from MAVlink into a ROS format. For image processing, you can't directly connect the camera to the flight controller, for that you need a companion computer. ROS and ROS 2 are different systems with the same concept. Offboard mode needs to be enabled when you link to a raspberry pie or jetson.

Steps for configuration:

1- stabilize GPS on drone

2- calibrate sensors

3- calibrate radio and set flight modes

4- calibrate power

5- test motors

6- set camera

Imp note while configuring the remote to the Qgroundcontrol is while doing subtrim process and setting up flight mode DO NOT SET THE EMERGENCY STOP MODE ON. That will lead to crash the drone.

for connecting drone controols to pc we can you another antena with usb (the large one) so we will not need to use usb cable.

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