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Postman API Auth

Grant Type: Password Credentials

  1. Create new collection
  2. Edit collection
  3. Auth
  4. Type: OAuth 2.0
  5. Add auth data to: Request Headers
  6. Header Prefix: Bearer
  7. Configure New Token:
    1. Token Name: FarmOS-dev
    2. Grant Type: Password Credentials
    3. Access Token URL: http://localhost/oauth/token
    4. Client ID: farm
    5. Client Secret: <empty>
    6. Username: admin
    7. Passowrd: admin
    8. Scope: <empty>
    9. Client Authentication: Send as Basic Auth header
    10. Click on “Get New Access Token”
    11. This has to be redone on every restart of farmOS unfortunatly
  8. Use the new Token in Access Token
  9. Save and you are finished
  10. Every request saved in this collection with “parent auth” will be authenticated successfully
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