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As a project partner of the PUCP in particular the Institue for Nature, Earth and Energy led by Eric Cosio, we are working on supporting the build-up of an infrastructure to connect multiple eddy covariance towers located in the Amazon basin into one network and also develop and install LoRaWAN Hardware, which is used to gather information from the area surrounding the towers.

As of now [end of 2022], we have worked on building a parallel network system at the GreenFabLab at our Campus in Kamp-Lintfort (Germany). This is needed to evaluate the setup and be able to reproduce the environment at the towers, at least to some extent. Our current state can be found here: Experiment System in Kamp-lintfort

Furthermore, we also build the first prototype of a LoRaWAN-Node which can measure a Dendrometer, like the DC4 built by Ecomatik. The first will be tested out in the Amazon forest at the tower in Tambopata. More information can be found here: Dendrometer Overview.

Here is the link to the original Grafana Dashboard.

Technical Notes


Latest News

 A new version of the node is already in the works!Fig. 1

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