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HSRW Weather Station at Campus Kamp-Lintfort

Fig.: HSRW Weather Station, Campus Kamp-Lintfort

Interactive Grafana Dashboard of Real-Time Weather Data

Fig.: Interactive real-time data plots. Click on the image or here to open the Grafana dashboard.

The Sensors of the Weather Station

Measurement Sensor Datasheet
Temperature PT100 platinum wire, TF type 2018 TF type 2018
Temperature / Humidity PT100 & capacitive element, TF type 3033 TF type 3033
Wind Speed Cup anemometer, TF type 4035 TF type 4035
Wind Direction Wind direction sensor, TF type 4123 TF type 4123
Barometer Piezoresistive element, TF type 5004 TF type 5004
Precipitation Tipping bucket rain gauge, TF type 7041 TF type 7041
Soil Moisture Time Domain Reflectometer, IMKO TRIME-PICO64 TRIME-PICO64
Photosynthetically Active Radiation Kipp & Zonen PQS 1 PAR Quantum Sensor PQS 1 PAR
Solar Radiation Pyranometer, Kipp & Zonen SMP10 SMP10

Accessing the Real-Time Online Data

The data of our weather station is freely available!
We provide two main channels to access the data:

  1. MQTT (through our own broker !!Currently offline due to server maintenance!! ),
  2. RESTful API

The accessible variables:

Key Unit Comment
wind_speed km/h
wind_direction degrees
air_temperture °C
air_relhumidity %
smp10 W/m2
pqsl µmol/m2s
soil_moisture % Sensor not relevant
soil_tempblue °C Sensor not relevant
soil_tempred °C Sensor not relevant
air_pressure hPa
precipitation mm
created_at ISO8601 UTC

MQTT Broker and Topic for Subscribing to Real-Time Online Data

We also publish our data on our own MQTT Server which doesn't need any authentication for receiving that kind of data.

MQTT Broker and Topic
PORT 1883
TOPIC weather/hsrw-kali

RESTful API to Request Real-Time Online Data

The RESTful Application Programming Interface (API) is used to download data or retrieve data e.g. in own programs or scripts.
The data is provided in a JSON-format.

Examples (response takes some time)

Get the recent 20 measurements:

Retrieve the last 20 sensor data from all sensors since 12th Nov. 2021, 14:55:32, Central European Time (CET, Germany):

Retrieve every fifth measurement from all sensors between two timestamps (date + time):

Second timestamp in milliseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinates ~ Greenwich Mean Time)

API Documentation

The API is now available under The API server source code can be found on Github: EOLab-Weather-API

Two different timestamp (date + time) types are supported:

  • time in ms since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC

The ISO8601 date-time standards can have different formats. A common one is: YYYY-MM-DD'T'hh:mm:ss.sss'Z'
Z is the offset from the UTC timezone, e.g. 2020-12-31T21:45:10.500+0100 is Dec. 31, 2020, 21:45 plus 10.5 seconds in UTC +1h, i.e. Central European Time CET (not summer time CEST!).
The same timestamp in UTC: 2020-12-31T20:45:10.500+0000 (or 2020-12-31T20:45:10.500Z or 2020-12-31T20:45:10.500UTC. Time zone abbreviations such as CET, CEST, UTC, GMT are not supported in the API, yet).

The routes of the API:

  • /
    Check if the server is online and has a database connection
  • /weather
    Get the last 20 measurements
  • /weather/:begin
    Get the 20 next measurements after begin
    :begin has to be replaced by the time in ms since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
  • /weather/:begin/:end
    Get all measurements between begin and end
    :begin and :end in ms since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 UTC
    • :!:do not misuse this route:!:
  • /weather/:begin/:end/:n
    • Get every nth measurement between begin and end
    • :begin and :end have to be replaced by the time in ms since 01.01.1970 00:00:00 UTC
    • :n has to be replaced with a number (ex.: get every 3rd measurement)

Example to retrieve every 5th data set between 627650252438 ms and 1627650855553 ms since 1970-01-01, i.e. from the Fri Jul 30 2021 15:04:12 GMT+0200 to Fri Jul 30 2021 15:14:15 GMT+0200:

API Requests are limited to 100 requests per 15 minutes per IP

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