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PrimaLuce Spider 230C

Project Leader: Frank Zimmer

Coordinator: Sarah Rostalski

Specifications of the Spider 230C Radiotelescope according to Prima Luce

  • Antenna diameter (m): 2.3
  • Antenna type: Prime focus
  • Working frequency: 1420 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Feed: H-FEED, optimized for 1420 MHz
  • LNA: 2 high gain and stability 1420 MHz LNA units
  • Polarization: circular, left and right hand
  • Receiver: H142-One for 1420 MHz radio astronomy
  • Spectrometer: 1024 channels
  • Radiometer: 50 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • A/D converter: 14 bits
  • Control software: RadioUniversePRO
  • Weatherproof: No

Commercial Offers

Building Action

“Roll-Off Observatory” or “Wooden Shelter” or “GFK Radom”

Possible location in Kamp-Lintfort (size ca. 7,5m x 7,6m)

Digital model of a wooden shelter by Nicolas Fischöder

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