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Welcome to the HSRW Earth Observation Lab - EOLab!

The EOLab is a laboratory of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW).
It is located at the Faculty of Communication and Environment, Campus Kamp-Lintfort.

The EOLab Wiki is used by the Lab3 laboratory network consisting of

  • Earth Observation Lab,
  • IoT Lab,
  • Drone Lab.

zdi-React-EU - Welcome to EOLab to go!

Latest Drone Flight with DJI Avata on 2023-06-03

Great Happenings

Photo: Polar Fox on Iceland, Sept. 2019, by Jan Sonntag

Collaboration Opportunities for Companies

Current Activities at the ECOtower of the Andesflux Network

Our team member Jan Sonntag is currently supporting Eric Cosio, professor at the PUCP University in Peru. Eric is planning and managing a network of measurement towers for atmospheric research named AndesFlux distributed in the Amazon region of Peru along the foot of the Andes mountain range.

Jan and Eric are currently at the ECOtower, the first of the AndesFlux measurement towers, at Rio Tambopata, close to the city Puerto Maldonado.

Visiting the La Salle University of Technology (ULSA)

As part of the DAAD project LatiNet we are visiting the ULSA, Leon, Nicaragua.
More information on our activities can be found here.

Python Workshop at the Universidad Catolica El Salvador (UNICAES)

As part of the DAAD project LatiNet we visited the UNICAES.
On 2022-09-01 Clein and me gave a Python workshop.

We were at Snap!Con 2022!

Our Talk: Let's plAIy!

Weather Station

Selected Projects, Activities and Info Collections

Project Ideas

Current Courses


Zeche Friedrich-Heinrich: Kamp-Lintfort wide Open LoRaWAN deployed!

(Jan Sonntag, Shreya Gupta, Rolf Becker, 2023-06-28)

Kamp-Lintfort is now covered by the community-driven open LoRaWAN network of The Things Network (TTN)!

Anyone in the area can now deploy their own LoRaWAN devices and use the new gateways for free to transmit data to their own TTN applications. Our first application is the data collection of our own groundwater gauges developed with and for LINEG.

→

2023/07/05 12:23 · jan.sonntag

IoT Workshop with the Georg-Forster-Gymnasium

The workshop at our IoTLab focused on device-assisted automated environmental sensor technology. Participants worked with a low-cost minicomputer, configuring it to work with various sensors. The goal was to use the device to collect and wirelessly transmit observation data for later visualization, such as in the form of diagrams. The aim is to continue and further develop this project for use in a course project.

→

2023/01/27 13:33 · jan.sonntag

First tests at the Tambopata Flux Tower for the Andesflux-Network

As a project partner of the PUCP in particular the Institue for Nature, Earth and Energy led by Eric Cosio, we are working on supporting the build-up of an infrastructure to connect multiple eddy covariance towers located in the Amazon basin into one network and also develop and install LoRaWAN Hardware, which is used to gather information from the area surrounding the towers.

→

2022/10/18 19:29 · jan001

New technology in town

On 2 June 2022, the team of Earth Observation Lab, headed by Prof. Dr. R. Becker, visited the Zechenturm in Zechenpark, Kamp-Lintfort. Officials from LINEG were also present for the tour inside the tower as part of the lab’s plan to install LoRaWAN gateways in the tower for public and university use.

→

2022/06/10 11:13 · jan001
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