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UNICAES Cooperation in LatiNet

Allow us to introduce UNICAES, our valued partner in the LatiNet project. With a strong commitment to education, UNICAES contributes valuable expertise to our collaborative endeavors. Together, we are working towards significant advancements in the availability of technology and connectivity within Latin America.

UNICAES Visit August 2023

Explore the realms of drone mission planning, mapping with OpenDroneMap, and a captivating workshop series delving into the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Guided by our experts Harley Lara and Jan Sonntag, this feature offers insights into drone technology and effective drone mission planning. Uncover the capabilities of OpenDroneMap in creating accurate maps for various applications.

A key highlight of the visit is an enlightening workshop sequence demystifying IoT. Progressing from sensor exploration to online graph generation, participants will gain practical experience and a clear understanding of IoT fundamentals.

Drone Missions and OpenDroneMap

IoT-Workshops Series

Visit 2022 - Python Workshop

Discover the UNICAES Python Workshop held on September 1, 2022, led by Clein Sarmiento and Rolf Becker from our HSRW-Team. This collaborative initiative was part of the LatiNet project, showcasing the power and versatility of Python programming. Delve into the insights and impact of this unique learning opportunity that brought together UNICAES and HSRW in the realm of technology and education. You can find more information on it here: Python Workshop 2022

360 Degree UNICAES

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