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Weather Station for our Friends in Africa

Current partners: Uganda, Benin, Ghana


We build our own data loggers based on ESP32. Data transmission is done via Wifi, Cellular Network or LoRaWAN.


An initial set of sensors:

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

img_20240411_100818.jpg img_20240411_103710.jpg
Inside of the Rain Gauge and PCB
Current Consumption
The current consumption of the rain gauge with 5V supply voltage is around 3.5mA on average. The two spikes in the screenshot are caused by the bucket tipping. The oscillation in the voltage is caused by a blinking LED on the PCB.
Reading data from it increases the current to around 25mA for 60ms.

Wind Velocity (Anemometer)

Wind Direction

Air Temperature

  • PT100 (best)
  • DS18B20

Air Humidity

Air Pressure

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