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Snap!Con 2022:

Let's plAIy! - AI in Snap! with NVIDIA Jetson for Schools

1. Talk: Demonstrating SNAP! with Jetson AI for Tello Drones and Jetbot

Talk Announcement on Snap!Con 2022 Conference Website

Presentation Slides

Recording of the Let's plAIy! TALK.

2. Workshop: Hands-on!

Hands-on Workshop on Combining Snap! with the NVIDIA Jetson AI Embedded Systems

Workshop Announcement on Snap!Con 2022 Conference Website

Recording of the Let's plAIy! WORKSHOP.

Together we will create a Snap! game based on fruits and vegetables detection (image classification).
Local and remote attendance possible!

Trainers: Harley, Ilgar, Ali and Rolf (in Heidelberg)

We will use the NVIDIA Jetson Nano computers we brought to the Heidelberg conference location.  Nvidia Jetsons in Heidelberg

0. Prerequisites

  • A laptop or PC running Snap! (best in Chromium based browsers, e.g. Chrome, MS Edge, Chromium, …)

It is very important to have offline Snap!. Download offline version

1. Image Classification Game

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