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Weather Station Kleve

The weather station consists of a Vaisala WXT536 multisensor, which can measure wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity and rainfall. Global radiation is measured by a Kipp & Zonen CMP3 pyranometer. A raspberry pi zero is used to read the data from the weather station. From there the data is uploaded to a server running an influx database. The internet connection is provided by a Teltonica router using LTE. A LoRaWAN Gateway is installed next to the station to provide access to The Things Network in the park.

Fig.: Weather station mounted on a pole at Forstgarten in Kleve

Interactive Grafana Dashboard of Real-Time Weather Data

Fig.: Interactive real-time data plots. Click on the image or here to open the Grafana dashboard.

Accessing the data

The data of our weather station is freely available through MQTT!

The accessible variables:

Key Unit Comment
MQTT Broker and Topic
PORT 1883
TOPIC weather/kleve/01
USERNAME weather-kleve-public

Tests in the IoTLab

Fig.: First Test in the IOT-Lab with a USB-Connection
Fig.: Reading the Data with the Vaisala Configuration Tool


To read the Data from the WXT536 Module we connected an rs485 to USB converter. This protocol will be used when the weather station is permanently installed in Kleve. The WXT536 accepts a voltage range from 6-24V, so we had to connect an external power supply.

Fig.: Connecting to the WXT536 with an rs485 to USB converter
Fig.: Connecting to the WXT536 with an rs485 to USB converter
Fig.: Serial response from the WXT536 after sending a data request
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