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Cargo Drone

How To

Project Description

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Frame type

The cargo drone is based on the Octo Quad H frame. The diagram below shows the motor order for this tpe:  OctoQuaH Source:



Figure: Cargo drone dimensions in mm

Motor distribution

The image below shows the Cargo drone model with the motor order and labels:  CargoDrone-Frame

  • The first three digits in the labels indicate the position of the motor:
    F / R - Front / Rear
    R / L - Right / Left
    T / B - Top / Bottom
  • The number indicates which output pin from the flight controller should be connected to each motor ESC.
     Pixhawk output pins Image: Pixhawk output pins.
  • The last digits indicate the direction of rotation of the motor:
    CW - ClockWise
    CCW - CounterClockWise



RET 30
The motors were properly labeled.  CargoDrone-Motor

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

HBC 18063-3
Labeled with the numbers for the flight controller pin connections.  CargoDrone-ESC

Flight controller

Battery, Electronics, and Power Distribution Cables

[To be added]


Test 1

Date: 09.sept.2021
Place: FabLab HSRW Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
Carried out by: Jefferson Sandoval and Harley Lara

Video: Testing ESC + motors reaction and direction of rotation

The Team

From left to right: Rolf Becker, Harley Lara, Henrik Schoofs, Stefan Schmitz, Jefferson Sandoval, Winfried Rijssenbeek (Sept. 2021)
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