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FIRElinks Workgroup Meeting at HSRW

Schedule / Program

  • Time: 2022-08-15 - 2022-08-17
  • Location: Campus Kleve, HSRW Greenhouse
  • Schedule: Google Calendar

Video Recordings of Day 1

Excursions / Visits

  • Campus Kleve: Greenhouse, Blue Fab Lab
  • Campus Kamp-Lintfort: Green Fab Lab, IoT Lab, Drone Lab, Earth Observation Lab
  • Emergency Control Center Wesel District
  • Forest Reichswald Kleve

Summarizing discussion about practical use of drones for practitioners

Artemi: Use of drones, support the firefighters, a lot to improve, with the help of the drones, equipment will improve, tech is going fast, scientific community produces ideas how to use the tech, in 10 yrs advanced tech,

Hamed: Instruction, policy, interoperability of systems, sci. comm. minimum changes, extract most important info from data, missing: requirement analysis with firefighters, usability eng.,

Ioannis: Review how drones are used in forest affairs,

Jesus: Potentials, fire, multispec, search (and rescue, SAR)

Hamed: looking at bottlenecks, limitations, honest assessment of possibilities, which GUI?, user centered design, co-design, requirement analysis

Ioannis: 1. written review, 2. survey,

Rolf: Interviews with practitioners

Jesus: Webinar, e.g. in German

Artemi: Firefighter meetings, national only, because of English, firefighters, scientists, policy makers, foresters,

Esra: Invite practitioner experts to learn their requirements,

Jesus: Working group 5, exchange with stakeholders, in Feb launch last year of COST action, webinar in Dec, in Granada in July access to policy, regional gvmt, national parks, volunteers, firefighters

Eugeniusz: Transfer, development plan, post fire managements, degraded areas, policy, fire on the slope, improve measurement accuracy, important for civil engineers to develop new plans, protection against erosion, civil eng. solutions (terraces, cut berms, etc.), tech. solutions would prepare biological solutions

Artemi: Damage caused by restauration measures (machinery) if often worse than damage by fire. Soil is affected by heavy machines. Drones: Where, when we have to apply solutions, in mediteranean ecosystems you don't have to do anything (only 2% need intervention). Cover 25% of the land with wood or straw mats, big change in the economy of the , forest plantation is econ. not interesting/feasible in the mediteranean areas.

Esra: Remote sensing, satellite images will help as well, 10x10m², useful, burnt area index, big archives, Google Earth Engine,

Artemi: Drones can help to study the evolution (time series)

Hamed: Decision making, on EU level, added value, development of fire management platform

Product Presentation: Silvanet by Dryad

Dryad's Silvanet is a complete solution for ultra-early fire detection and monitoring the forest’s health and growth. It includes sensors, an open standards network infrastructure, and monitoring, analytics and alert services.

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