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On this page, we are explaining and documenting the installation and usage of OpenDroneMap (ODM) on a Google Cloud Machine. The source code of ODM can be found in this GitHub Repo: GitHub OpenDroneMap


We are installing ODM on a Google Machine which is provided by the UNICAES. It is only turned on when needed.

As some prerequisites: We also configured a DNS entry to point to the static external IP of our Google Cloud Machine, so that we can get an SSL certificate for secure communications. The machine itself has 16 cores and 128GB of RAM with an additional 500GB of persistent storage.

Install Docker and Docker Compose

We followed the official documentation: Docker install - Using the repository

Getting WebODM

Download the git repository:

git clone --config core.autocrlf=input --depth 1
cd WebODM

Then WebODM can be started with the following:

./ restart --ssl --hostname
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