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Notes on buying a new machine


  • Ryzen 7 / i7 (16 Threads+)
  • 32GB RAM
  • GTX 1070

Interesting discussion:

  • Limited improvement with more cores, but multitasking
  • fast storage + storage for old projects
  • 128GB enough for 5k images
  • RTX3070

Meshroom can multi-thread on some nodes but not on all. So more cores != faster!

Multiple GPUs can be used if they are older to make Meshroom run faster. Although on newer GPUs there isn't much of a difference.

In this post, it is also mentioned that it is important to have one fast SSD. GPU is not that important because it is only used while depth mapping. I personally can confirm that. A GTX 1070 ti can go through this process kinda fast. An RTX 3080 would do the job just fine.

Just some performance graphs and recommendations for another similar program:

As I expected for multiuser remote desktop on Ubuntu xrdp is an option:

But still, X11 would also work. I have experience with xrdp already and it works well enough for most tasks.

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